Thursday, August 4, 2011

Update on Stel Pontikes ...

As we published on July 20, CBS/STL radio vet Stel Pontikes was badly injured during a confrontation with a gang of thieves stealing the copper gutters off his home in the middle of the day.  He went through treatment and surgery at Barnes/Jewish for injuries to his foot and has been on an antibiotic treatment since for a bone infection.

Stel writes:

Thanks for checking in. I'm doing better, thanks. I've got 2 hours of IV fluids, twice a day, at home. Got the "wound vac" on my foot, and that dressing is changed every other day by the BJC Home Health Care folks. Their nurses have been great and very helpful, especially for folks like Kathie and me who can't handle the queasy stuff very well.

Kathie's been awesome, taking care of stuff here at home and trying to get me adjusted so that everything's OK when she goes back to teaching in a week. I've gotta be able to do the IV stuff by myself when she's gone.

Still have no idea regarding back-to-work. Maybe Aug. 15. Can't do anything without an OK from the doctor.

Big thanks for the prayers and support. Kathie and I really appreciate it.

I can't imagine having to self-administer an IV.  But I do remember well, back a few years ago when I had my burned feet-and-femoral artery issues, that Mrs. A was the sole reason (no pun intended) I made it through.  I was absolutely useless. As I told Stel, "Thank The Lord for the good wives."

Please keep our friend Stel Pontikes in your prayers and good thoughts.