Thursday, August 4, 2011

Update on Radio Shack's HD Radio clearance sale ...

Based on this previous entry, I decided to take a look at my local 'Shack and see what was on the shelves.

As it turned out, nothing, at least to do with HD Radio.  And the two clerks looked at me like I had just stopped by from Mars and asked for them to refurbish my X-limited dimensional modulator.  Neither of them had any idea what an HD Radio was, had never heard of them and told me that the store had never carried them.  They couldn't find them in their online catalog, either. Neither could I, so I guess they're sold out.

So, to re-do the Radio Shack slug line: "You have questions, so do we."

I did find a nifty blister-packed pair of Motorola mini half-watt two-ways, 22 FRS and GMRS freqs, for $20, batteries not included, and not particularly well-recommended online (mostly for construction). Good for the manpurse or around the house and yard when I don't want to carry the 3- or 5-watt models. The audio is intelligible and loud enough and there are sufficient controls and features for them to be useful. They work great around the house, at least so far.

The RS idiots didn't even try to sell me batteries. I fear for the future of retail.