Thursday, August 4, 2011

In case your ears were burning Wednesday afternoon ...

... it's probably because your spidey sense picked up that I had lunch with STLRadio OldDog Robert "The Country" Fox and we probably mentioned your name somewhere in the conversation.

Robert's been here since his Texas days back before The Alamo fell and I've been here for nearly thirty years, so it's not unlikely that we have a few dozen folks with whom we worked in common.  Which we have, and we dished on all of ya, over Reubens and Pot Roast sandwiches and fries (much against our doctors' recommendations), at Ginghams in St. Charles.

We'll probably do it again and finish off the rest of ya, then write The Book, for which we'll likely be much sued.  It went something like this: honestly, I had NO idea that XXX actually did that.  I just thought he SAID it!

Robert, thanks for the time spent.  It was a great afternoon!

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