Sunday, November 13, 2011

LOL'ing out loud ...

... about a former STL DJ, who has worked his way down to teeny-tiny market syndication, to shows at Maryland, Pennsylvania and Marion, Illinois, stations where there was always legal stuff involved and never in his favor.

Dude denies ever having worked at an Illinois station and says his name is not what you remember. You do have a choice of three.

But STLMedia remembers...and has evidence. He is the type that has made radio players known as trash. He and his "family" are criminal garbage.

And now they're on their way to skipping thru the finances of a station group in North Dakota. Bet they still have dog poop on the floor.

Dr. Arno and Mr. Fishback, you need to touch base with Messers Leighton in St. Cloud, North Dakota Minnesota. And too bad that a "distinguished" broadcast consultant like John Lund had to be the guy who placed him there.

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