Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Howard Stern brags about causing a woman's suicide ...

Well, not exactly.  But he did spend some time on WYSP/Philadelphia as the station transitioned to sports.

Here's from Tom Taylor; my comments follow.

What was supposed to be a five-minute phoner (during Stern’s vacation) turned into a genial half-hour of conversation between Stern and WYSP middayer Spike Eskin. In 1986, Stern was heard only in New York on Infinity’s WXRK (92.3), but he was intrigued by the notion of conquering Philadelphia by remote control. He paid a lot of attention to his new market when he went on ’YSP – and his ad hominem (directed at the person) jibes about “Zookeeper” John DeBella, then the reigning morning man at rock WMMR (93.3), became the template for Stern’s attacks in other markets.

Yup, Howard was funny ha-ha as he cruelly destroyed DeBella personally and professionally. What Stern didn't talk about was how he goaded DeBella's estranged (and substance using and abusing) wife onto the air with him to spill some very personal beans.  Mrs. DeBella then went home, drove her car into the garage and left the engine running.  She was found dead the next morning.