Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Not this migratory birds thing again, please ...

From Tom Taylor:

Are communications towers killing migratory birds? The FCC wants comments.

It’s under pressure from a 2008 federal court decision in the American Bird Conservancy case saying that it wasn’t doing enough to assess the potential dangers. Though TRI notes that the scientific evidence to back up claims of millions of killed birds is scant, at best. But now the issue’s rolling back and forth between several federal agencies, and the Commission is asking for comments on its highly-detailed “PEA” – that’s Programmatic Environmental Assessment – by October 3.

One of the options in the 148 page document is a “no action alternative.” But somehow you get the feeling there will be changes, and almost certainly more paperwork in the form of at least environmental assessments. Some of the FCC's thinking is that taller towers pose more of a threat to birds than shorter ones, and that guywires are a potential problem. There’s also the issue of lighting – what kind, what color, etc.

Read the FCC’s 148-page draft here.  Or don't, because it's 148 pages of drivel.

They're birds, fer goodness' sake.  Just flippin' birds and they're not very smart to begin with.  I have several bird hits on my back patio door every month.  If they break their little birdie necks flying into a 100 square foot pane of glass, why would they not be just as stupid around radio towers?