Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I believe we've tracked down DC Chymes ...

From CBSChicago:

Call it the showdown with the samurai.

Indiana State Police say they encountered a shirtless man wielding a 35-inch-long samurai sword on the inner shoulder of Interstate 65 on Sunday afternoon near U.S. Highway 30. Police say farther north, a Toyota had been abandoned in the middle lane of southbound I-65 at 61st Avenue.

The swordsman, who wore plaid knee-length shorts, was marching “like a drum major, holding the sword, moving it up and down in rhythm with his marching cadence,” the state police said in a news release.

When a state trooper approached him, the man swung the sword “in a defensive manner,” police said. The swordsman was handcuffed by Merrillville police, who also were on the scene, after he tried to gain entrance to a motorist’s vehicle, state police said.

At the Lake County, Ind. jail, the offender announced he was “Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs,” state police said. He was charged with attempted carjacking, resisting law enforcement and possession of marijuana.

Authorities say the erratically behaving man gave several different names and his identity had not been established. They described him as being in his mid- to late-forties.