Wednesday, August 31, 2011

In a few days, on September 11th ...

... we'll commemorate the 10th anniversary of the savage attack on the US by the Islamic group Al Qaeda.

Here's the 9/11 Timeline... so you can set up your 9/11 memorials, moments of silence, etc. All times are Eastern. Some graphics repeat but all times are accurate.

8:45AM (AA Flight 11 hits the North Tower of WTC)
9:05AM (UA Flight 175 hits the South Tower of WTC)
9:38AM (AA Flight 77 hits the Pentagon)
9:50AM (WTC South Tower collapses)
10:03AM (UA Flight 93 crashes into a field in near Shanksville PA)
10:30AM (WTC North Tower collapses)
Who's responsible?