Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Really bad broadcast decisions ...

KSDK/NBC5 is breaking up the 22 year team of Jennifer Blome and Art Holliday.

-- Stupid, really, really stupid.  I love new talent when they are, in fact, talented and, in fact, warranted as replacement fodder.  But there is NO reason to pull apart these two who have made morning TV palatable for so many years for so many viewers.

KTRS/AM550 drops Shawn Balint as PM Drive newsman.

-- A decision made by a committee, none of the members of which have any idea what they're doing.  If the station's Board of Directors does not, in fact, have their collective heads up their collective asses, they'll reinstate Shawn, offer him more money and a long-term deal, as they did with Millhaven.  But then there's the reality...they probably really do have their heads up their asses. Mark Dorsey as a business leader?  Mark's a fustercluck as a soccer team manager.  How can these guys expect him to run a business?