Wednesday, December 9, 2009

OMG, it's a legal wrangle!

This is pretty funny.  KTRS talk show host Charles Jaco, whose firing from KMOX I defended most valiantly, is now threatening to sue STL blogger Mike Flynn for publishing on his website, Punching Kitty, a video that questions whether or not Jaco faked a report from the Sandbox during the First Gulf War.

Flynn found the YouTube clip derived from a 1991 CNN broadcast.  That makes the source material almost twenty years old.  Maybe Jaco should just let it rest and move on, huh?  Think of all the other things you could buy with the money you're spending on an attorney,, pizza, getting Manuel Noriega's watch cleaned.

Here's the real deal. 

Charles Jaco was the one person on the CNN team who covered the First Gulf War who was not portrayed in the HBO movie starring Michael Keaton.  There must be a reason for that.

Charles Jaco is the only media person I know of who has ever stolen jewelry from a US military captive and proudly wears it on his wrist, and even brags about it.

And one more thing:  Charles, I've seen the elephant too (Vietnam, Class of '69).  The difference between you and me is, well, you know, something to do with pants.  At least that's what I hear from my military and war correspondent buddies who were in theatre.

The video's below.  You can make your own decisions, but that palm tree behind Jaco looks a lot like it was painted by a high school art class...

That video is such garbage.  It's like a kids' show, made-up BS.  Monty Python-esque. Yes, it was staged, of course it was.  And that's a confirmation from a been-there-done-that American war veteran who, on that very day, had family members at peril for their lives from rocket attacks on their homes in Israel, who were actually wearing gas masks and sealing off portions of their homes to create safe environments.

This report from Jaco is a fraud.  And, Mr. Jaco, if you disagree, please have your attorney contact me.

Call me any afternoon after 2PM, at 314-878-0673.