Saturday, October 8, 2011

Well-traveled crook gets too close to nucs for comfort ...

Looks like our little buddy DC Chymes/Isaiah Wilhelm has taken the escape route North and West and wound up in Grand Forks, North Dakota.  That's where the USAF keeps our B-52's and nuclear weapons and his proximity to them has me worried.

Here's his wife's Facebook page. She says she's now married to DC Daniels, who looks remarkably like some other DC of our acquaintance. DC Daniels has suddenly occupied the Facebook space formerly owned by DC and the Family. Curious, no?

But wait!  There's more: The same guy is on the air on the morning show at Z94.7 in Grand Forks!  There, he's known just as Zac but his profile fits all the parameters we've come to expect of our little biddy buddy.  He still loves his kids, he still loves his wife and he still loves Jesus.  And I'll betcha he's still a crook.

I wonder if the station's execs, like Jeff Hoberg and Jarrod Thomas, have any idea of the whirlwind about to consume them?  Or you could call them at AC701-775-4611 and clue them in...

As our intrepid investigator says, "Boy, these guys SUCK at hiding out, huh?"