Saturday, October 8, 2011

So now the Cards are in the playoffs for the World Series ...

... as they were back in 1982, on CBS/STL, with Jack and Mike reigning supreme on the air.  And Casey Van Allen was busy as a beaver with two tails putting together the songs you can play here or download.  As Casey (Dennis Klautzer, in the meat world) said, "God I just wish I had digital software to produce these songs in 1982. Man would they have sounded different."  Thanks to Kevin McCarthy for touching base with Casey and helping make this collection happen here.  Enjoy almost 11 megs of instant-streaming memories as the Cards roll on.

Calling Air Traffic Control
The Grand Slam Jam
The Heat Is On
Sold On St. Louis

And now we have a Twitter page for a squirrel, and a WikiPedia entry explaining it all...well, I guess life goes on.  Me?  I'm going to Waffle House.