Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Steve & DC sad saga continues ...

Here's a bit from a young lady who personally suffered locally at the hands of these crooks and their affiliated "ministries."  If you know where they are, please contact me and I'll pass it along to the relevant authorities.

It's from a young lady who first encountered these sleazebags when she was a teenager and evidently was used and abused by Steve, DC and Anna for a number of years. Rachel is not a scholar but I think you can get a pretty good handle on the situation by reading what she has presented below. Again, if you can lead me to a current address for these folks, it'd be a good thing.

Hello, Mike:

My name is Rachel Hicks and I am a 29 yr. old single mom from Litchfield, IL. Though this is old news, I had read an article that you have previously written in 2010 about Dc Chymes and his wife Anna Wilhelm. Not only is it extremely shocking but since I have known them for a short time in 1997 after they aired the Halloween Show 97' at my families home in White City, IL the illegal behavior from them has obviously been going on for a very long time.

I know when I first met DC and his family, along with Steve Shannon, and the men from Life Christian Church in Sunset Hills, MO now Life Church in Fenton. I felt blessed to know those men and their families. I really loved them with all my heart, but was totally crushed. They had sold home made videos of my deliverance of demonic spirits without my permission or copyright as well as cassette tapes, and so did Life Christian Church. I was promised money but never recieved anything, other than being mistreated by Anna, or limited conversation with Steve and DC as I visited them and "lived" with them during the Summer of 98'.

My father, Robert has literally been ripped apart because of what they had done and all the whle he always said, it's not Steve or DC but it's Anna. He often felt sick in the pits of his stomach when he was around her and said that there was something wrong with her and that he didn't like her. After his recent viewing of the article that was written of the issues with their rent, fraud, and illegal transactions, and Emmis Communications suing them for damage etc. It is a very sad and heart breaking story.

I know that people will make promises to me all my life and never live up to them. Like Anna telling me she was going to mail me a check after I helped them move from a nice home in Manchester to a very small house in Clayton where they were going to put her son Jacob (5) sleeping in the basement, while Rick and Rose slept in a room upstairs, Anna seemed make fun of DC when he had anything to do with praying, etc. I was told they were going to give me their BMW - because Anna was pregnancy with Sofia at the time and they were going to get a mini-van because of the 3 kids.

I most certainly felt betrayed and hurt by Steve and DC and many of the people I have met through them, even at Life Christian Church who are involved with many of the teleevanglists in Fenton Mo - nation wide. I know that the only healing that I could have have was to speak of my experiences, and I even was hospitalized for the things that happened. I was young 15 - 18 and slipped into isolation, depression, all over again, but I have grown up to realize my healing came from Jesus Christ, not from people he may have put in my past, to later paint a picture.

It's never right to be a dishonest person, to commit crimes, to never pay rent to people who trust you because of your name or fame, or claim to be a christian but yet have this wife, drag you down to the pits of hell, because they have issues. I have seen Dc and Anna's wedding video after Dc told me they had a video of halloween night, I said I wanted to see it and Anna popped in the wedding tape, and Dc left the room. There was not one ounce of love in her eyes as they were dancing together. I seen it at 15.

I feel bad because Steve and DC pretty much lost everything and had to move on with their lives. And that things turned out sour for them in such ways. People used to really once enjoy those guys and it fell apart. I was 15 when I met them, knew them, watched the way they acted, spoke to people, treated me, told me they wouldn't give me money to start my ministry, they didn't do this or that. Those are the types of people that need to know Jesus, and pay their respects to society, and the people they have hurt.

I felt like writing this because it's been a burden on me for a long long time. I've never talked about it.

Thank you for reading if you do.

Sincerely, Rachel Hicks