Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Here's Randy Raley's little finger ...

Randy Raley's little finger knows more about the choice and programming of rock music from the past four decades than anyone I have ever known.

I know nothing about Rock formats, not Classic, Current or Modern.  My formats were R&B, Old School Top 40, Adult Contemporary and pre-Garth Country, and I was moderately successful in my career with the execution of each.

Never listened to Rock and I really just don't get it.  Raley does, and he proves it ever day with his PlanetRadio internet music channel.

A couple weeks ago, Randy wrote a scathing review of a weekend feature on STL's KSHE/FM94.7, where Raley once worked.  Everything he has to say about their music is true.  Music radio stations are pasteurized, homogenized, deep-fried and french-fried to the point where I wouldn't be soo-prised to know that their music lists were made up by an infinite number of monkeys hammering away on an infinite number of keyboards.

Give Randy credit for making an effort to stand out in the crowd.  Would his station survive the current imposition of the ridiculous PPM ratings system?  Don't have any idea.  But if even a rock-ignorant, boring Old Dog like me can enjoy listening to it, there must be something there that sniffs suspiciously like success.