Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I've had the good fortune in my career ...

... of working on the tech side with some incredible musicians. In Richmond/VA I was allowed to exec produce an LP of local talent and occasionally mix a few concerts  And when I worked for The Tanner Company in Memphis, I was a minor part of the crew that included Clint Eastwood's jazz buddy Dee Barton and a herd of the best Mid-South mid-70's musicians ever. Think of the band in the Blues Brothers.

Tanner would bring them in for recording sessions (ID and commercial jingles and production beds) and these guys would just sit down and play and the singers would assemble and just sing their hearts out.  Got it right on the first take almost every time.  Most amazing thing I'd ever seen or heard.  Mostly they were professional studio sidemen and singers, who worked in Memphis, Nashville and Muscle Shoals and occasionally LA. They knew eachother, they knew how every one of them played and they could take a tabbed chart and make it sound tight and right.  Then they'd split up and go on the road with country and pop artists; when the tours ended, they were back in the studios with our guys.

Think if every studio band worked together as well as Earth, Wind and Fire or Tower of Power.

Currently, the closest thing to that is Here Come The Mummies, about which legends abound. They keep their identities secret and tour performing wrapped in mummy mufti.  And they sound great.  They'll be at the Pageant soon, and a friend of mine has tickets.  None for me, sadly. Check 'em out: