Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fer crap's sake ... now it's raccoons!

Last Saturday morning, Mrs A discovered a few empty ZipLoc bags in the driveway and traced them back to a ripped-open trash bag in the city-provided trash can. Looked like somebody took some tossed-out slices of pizza. A hobo with a taste for Italian food? Somebody with Papa John's QC service?

Nah. It was raccoons. No doubt about it. Them furry-footed, five-fingered masked banditos finally made it to our address, tipped up the top of the trash can, tiptoed inside and took their share. A week ago, while out with Tasha, I flashlighted a black shape scurrying up a tree. Raccoon, for sure. And now they've found our trash stash.
Next week, I'll call STLCounty Animal Control to see if they can set traps. Meanwhile we've set a bungi cord safety net on the can lid. I could splash 'em with a shot shell from the Mossberg .410, but I have some compassion left in this old heart of mine.
At least it's not a brown bear. But they might be next. God bless 7.62x39 and a 3lb trigger.