Sunday, August 28, 2011

Worn out but still watching ...

... as Hurricane Irene "barrels" (at 14mph) up the East Coast.  Watching the newsnets, reading local and regional blogs and news services.  Seeing a lot of familiar town names and seeing a lot of familiar locales, like Sandbridge VA, my all-time favorite American beach, with the coolest local grocery store I've ever been in.

Sandbridge is just north of Pungo, in case you wondered, and there is a small church in Pungo after which the bad guys HQ in DieHard2 was modeled.

Interestingly, many of the blog comments, aside from condition reports, were about the way TV reporters up and down the East Coast were wondering how it was possible that a tropical storm could threaten and affect so greatly so much land in the North, the Snow Belt, as they called it.

Now, I know that it doesn't take a giant score in the Sanford-Binet to land a gig as a news anchor or reporter.  But how is it possible that these news monkeys are so ignorant that they don't understand the simple mechanics of a hurricane? Do you think that they know that it all starts with air heated over the Sahara, moves out to the Atlantic, heats the water some, starts to generate movement and then the whole hot-cold thing spins it our way, and sometimes on to the US?

I bet not.

I despair for the future of media, I really do.

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