Sunday, August 28, 2011

A friend of mine really needs a job ...

I know, I know, she's not alone.  But listen for a minute:

She's a 40-something mother of two teenagers, with a BA and a JD from SLU (not yet passed the bar exam).  Her ex-husband, an employed IT guy who stripped their bank accounts and credit cards for cash, abandoned her and the kids, declined to pay the mortgage as ordered by the Courts (he got away with it) and as a result she and her children have been foreclosed upon and are, for all intents and purpose, homeless. In the foreclosure they lost most of their possessions.  Mrs. A and I are helping as we can but we can only do so much.

She's smart, attractive, presents herself well and deals well with people.  Smaller businesses have said that they'd be disinclined to hire her because of her advanced education, thinking, I guess, that she'd move on as soon as a better opportunity presented itself.

She really needs to go to work, and right now, to start to rebuild her and her childrens' lives.

I know a lot of attorneys read this website.  I bet at least one of them needs a clerk who will work her butt off for them.  Or maybe there's a business who could add a hard, smart worker with great legal creds to their staff. As an office manager, maybe.

If that's you, let me knowPass this url along to those who might have an interest. I will put her in touch with you immediately.

Thanks. And Bless You for your assistance.