Sunday, August 7, 2011

Perp check, 2011 ...

Our friend, CBS Radio vet Stel Pontikes, was injured in a tussle with a car full of thieves while they tried to steal his STL home's copper gutters a few weeks back.  Stel is recuperating at home now from serious injuries to his feet and offers this regarding the police search for the thugs who caused him this problem:

Nothing on the police front regarding the perps. Also found out from some neighbors that the perps and their vehicle were seen in our neighborhood again about a week ago, at around 6:30AM, displaying similar tactics at another home...backing into the driveway, positioning close to a copper downspout, etc. They split when the homeowner came out to take her dog for a walk.

And people wonder why I'm big on self- and home-defense!  Look, it's gone beyond the point where you need to agree you need some sort of defense.  If you don't want to buy a firearm, that's fine.  Get yourself a baseball bat or an Ozark tire-thumper and set yourself to use it.

You shouldn't become a victim.