Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weather stunting ...

It's a St. Louis Summer, so we know it's gonna be hot and humid.  But maybe not for as long as this heat wave is going on.

Last time I remember a stretch of the hot'n'nasty like this was when I was on the air at the old KIX104, late '80's/early 90's.

After a week of it, I came in extra-early one morning and put together an endless loop of a thunderstorm.  I ran it behind everything FOP and I did, including music, and we never said a word about it on the air.  It generated a HUGE number of phone calls asking about where the storm was and, of course, we denied all knowledge, nothing in the forecast, nothing on the weather radar, and so on.

Much better than the simpletons who play Christmas music when it's hot.  But imagination is in short supply these days in media.