Monday, July 18, 2011

In response to our query below ...

... as to which of you air monkeys use New Media in addition to your radio work to touch the audience base, I got this response from STLRadio vet KevinMcCarthy:

-- In response to your front page question, Sue and I now have our Travel Planners Radio Show archived and available at

--'s "watch and listen" section has audio podcasts and travel videos from our trips. I just loaded a video we did on NASA-TV with Belleville's Sandra Magnus on-board the International Space Station.

-- We also have our own YouTube channel: We have had over 198,000 views from all over the world!

-- Our live shows are available on the internet at, and

-- As of last week our podcasts and videos are also distributed internationally by This is a travel radio network from South Africa.

-- Sue is also seen on Fox Two, KTVI's website after she appears on the morning news as their travel expert.

I'd say that Kevin and Sue have their New Media bases covered.  Anyone else?