Wednesday, July 20, 2011

After 16 years with her employer ...

... Mrs. A has moved on to an Executive position with another company, also in the manufacturing game.

More than a month ago, Mrs. A was approached by an out-of-town "headhunter" looking for just the right person for a top position at a local company. A long period of negotiation followed, during which she and I discussed the issues, the potential and the possibilities and she crunched the numbers, which is the thing she does best.  During the negotiations, Mrs. A managed to change the new company's medical insurance policy!

Mrs. A made her final decision late last week, tendered her resignation yesterday and will begin as Controller at her new company in early August, while she wraps up projects at her former company.

Mrs. A's previous employer asked her to create a document that outlined her duties and responsibilities there; it ran to four pages.  These will be divided up between a dozen of the company's top employees.

Mrs. A is a board member of several professional organizations, an MBA graduate and a teacher at a local graduate-level school.

I am so incredibly proud of her accomplishment!