Saturday, May 14, 2011

Where's The Mindset Man going?

KTRS talker and KTVI/Fox2 reporter John Brown is, as noted below and first reported here, off (actually, back) to Orlando.

Not, as you might think, to wear a Goofy costume at the Disney playground, but to report news and stuff at WOFL/Fox35John is actually returning to the Orlando market, which he left in 2006.

Follow this link.

So who's going to replace Brown in his mid-day-show-just-before-FOP&TLMSITA at The Big 550?  Word has it that outgoing GM Tim Dorsey is looking for a "Keith Kramer type," referring to a former mid-day station host hired and fired during the Al Brady Law programming debacle..

"Hey,"  Dorsey is quoted as saying, "We've had lotsa folks through here for two or three grabs at the brass ring! We've recycled the best, and now we can start recycling the worst!"

Incoming GM, Tim's brother Mark Dorsey, agrees. 

"I liked Kramer.  Was he the one with the wife named Andee? Or did he have a partner named Francene? Didn't he take the job as a tourguide at the Mark Twain House in Hannibal?"