Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blogger goes awry ...

Late Wednesday night, near as I can tell, Google's Blogger/Blogspot service, which hosts for free literally millions and millions of blogs, including this one, was undergoing "regular maintenance" when something went wrong.

That "something" did some pretty serious damage across the InterWebz.  It wiped out some blogs completely, it altered information on others and generally made life miserable until about mid-day Friday for bloggers who rely on the service. I can't even guess how many websites were affected, but it was a huge number from everything I've read about the breakdown.

I was one of the lucky ones, I guess:  in the end, I didn't lose any entries permanently and was able to restore the one item that didn't show up again by picking it up in a cache (ironically, provided by Google).

I migrated the blog-style entries from the original STLMedia website (where the archives back to July 2003 still remain) at the beginning of July 2009 and since then have generated thousands of entries here.

I've been urged by several folks to backup and then migrate all of the Blogger entries to Word Press and then proceed on from there.  I actually bought Word Press for Dummies to that end and I may get back to the book this Summer and move the whole shebang back to if I can figure the procedure out.

Technology:  always a crap shoot!