Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Update on Koss Pro4AA repairs ...

Last Friday I mentioned finding a pair of old Koss headphones.  One pair I'd bought when I was in the Army and working part-time in radio near Ft. Hood/TX in 1971 (they cost nearly $70 and were bought from an Allied Radio catalog -  $70 was a big chunk out my Army pay back then) and the second set was gear issued to me when I joined WHBQ/Memphis a few years later.

I emailed Koss to see about refurbishment and received this on Monday: Thank you for contacting Koss Stereophones! Your product is covered under the Lifetime Warranty. Please send your stereophones to our Corporation and we will repair or replace them in accordance with our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The cost?  $6 per set of cans, plus shipping to Milwaukee.  $12 total to replace two nearly forty-year old headsets.

Koss is an American company, operated out of Milwaukee.

I am gobsmacked.