Saturday, April 16, 2011

Personnel news of almost no consequence ...

From Tom Taylor:

Jeff McHugh got to the Gateway City of St. Louis in January 2010 as the PD of Clear Channel’s CHR “Z107.7” KSLZ and what’s now “Gen-X St. Louis” WSGX (100.3). Now – he’ll prove his multi-tasking skills as the ops manager of the entire six-station cluster, as well as continue to handle KSLZ and WSGX, for market manager Beth Davis. McHugh was a longtime PD in Greensboro, and he’s been an ops manager in Atlanta and a PD in Portland, Oregon. He’s been using the “interim ops manager” Post-It note for the last several months.

Yup, he's in charge of all seven local employees.  Good resume enhancer.