Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'm the last guy on Earth who will own a DVR ...

There's just too much stuff out there on cable, Netflix, Google TV, what remains of the physical DVD market, Hulu and Hulu+, my personal DVD collection and all the rest to make it worth the extra bucks.

Near as I can tell, everything that's broadcast or presented on some cable/online channel or another repeats sooner or later, and, usually, sooner and often because of the paucity of programming material worth watching more than once.

Deciding on the newly-priced $8 for Hulu+ was a real lip chewer, because of the huge library of older TV shows available, and I still have not made a decision. 

I hope that the folks who offer twenty and thirty year old shows understand that time spent watching Ironsides and Emergency and Kojak and even the last season of Bones will keep me out of the current TV playground.

Us 60+ types aren't much use on the demo mix for advertisers, though.  So, I guess, if I can convince Mrs A, Hulu+ is okay...