Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When was the last time you sent a fax?

In 1989, during the uprising in China that resulted in the partial Democritization of that country, it was said that the use of the relatively new technology of affordable facsimile messaging had a lot to do with the "rebel's" relative success.

They were able to link one phone to another and send formatted messaging to a network of recipients in a way that had been previously impossible.

Of course, it was at that point here that faxing exploded as part of the new communication technology. That was two decades ago.  I wore out three or four fax machines before I finally gave it up, dropped the dedicated phone line earlier this year, and decided that sending an attachment as part of an email was a much better way of doing things.

But I can't remember having sent or received a fax in probably three or four years. It's easily been since then that formatted text pages in .doc or .pdf formats were the only graphic messages passed through my desktop. Plus I saved $30 a month on the phone line and God only knows how much on the cost of ink cartridges for yet another printer.

One more layer of technology laid to rest.  Anybody want to buy me an iPad2?