Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just about three months away ...

... from our 11th anniversary as STLMedia.net.

And, very honestly, there's less and less going on in STLMedia every day. 

Radio haps are, well, pretty much an exercise in nothingness unless you want to read about who's been canned and which $8/hour part-timer has been hired to replace someone with experience.  It used to be an inpiration to hopefuls to get a gig in a market like STL, but now they come into the work just out of trade school or junior college, even a high school station.

TV stations?  The biggest news is the time shift of news shows or the addition of some syndicated crap replacing a local slot.  Occasionally a local TV outlet brings in a "talent" from another market and that may, for a moment, at least, make a splash.  Almost always, it's weak sauce.

Print?  Which is to say the Post-Dispatch?  Lee has carved the Pulitzer empire into small pieces and, while I respect the remaining writers and editors, the paper is just a fishwrap, a shadow of its former self.  There's the Riverfront Times and a few local magazines, but, c'mom....

So what's left to write about?

Websites and aps.  And that's pretty much it.  I'll try to hold up the radio/tv/print banner for as long as I can.


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