Friday, April 2, 2010

Watching TV away from home ...

This story in MediaDailyNews tickled me:

Watching TV Away From Home Popular With Younger Demos.  Read it here.

Doesn't seem that long ago, but it was actually back in the dawn of TV-time (early 1950's) that watching television shows was not always done at home.  Back then, one or maybe two families on each block owned a television (they were really expensive) and friends and neighbors would congregate in one home to watch the black and white moom pitchers on the little box.

It was not at all unusual for "young viewers" to get together for milk and cookies and Howdy Doody at the rich kid's house.

Or folks'd watch a special news report on televisions set up in the window of the Firestone, Monkey Ward or Sears store, that always had speakers playing the programming to the outside.  Yup, just like in the movies (see above).

Now, of course watching TV away from home could mean anything from video in other people's homes to restaurants and bars and from WiFi-equipped netbook computers to satellite-equipped cars and G4 handheld mobile devices.

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