Friday, April 2, 2010

Live, from the Maryland Heights Post Office!

So late Thursday night I had to drop off a NetFlix envelope and decided to run it up to the local Post Office, where, much to my wondering eyes did appear a mysteriously unmarked white truck with an elevated mast (sounds dirty huh?),  filled with video gear, two tech-types and KTVI's reporter Sean Conroy typing away on a keyboard.

Gear was set up for a shoot to the talent standing by the drive-by postal boxes.

Like the good soldier I am, I pulled out and back around and asked what the story was.  This was the story.  I thought on the way home about coming back with the digital video gear to do a quick interview.

Nah.  Figured they could do it better than me and my Flip.  They did.  Nice, tight little package, but it never occurred to me that 12M Census Day was anything like 12M Tax Day

It wasn't.