Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is why I respect Bonneville ...

Darrell Ankarlo was one of the unfortunate few who was plugged into the morning show at STL's KTRS and then thrown out almost immediately, primarily because of his ill-advised partnering with the late Francine Cuccinello

I didn't like either of them when they were on the air here and I made no bones about it.  I was not unhappy to see either of them go, although it took way too long for Ms. Cuccinello to get on with the rest of her career. Francene held KTRS hostage for a huge salary with the threat of an ongoing sexual harassment lawsuit; when her contract term was over, she moved on to her personal success in Louisville.

Ankarlo redeemed himself without the need for legal foo-fah in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market and then moved on to even greater success in Phoenix.

From Tom Taylor:

Darrell Ankarlo is off mornings at Phoenix talker KTAR-FM, but Bonneville “will continue to stand by him and his family.”

Darrell suffered a very serious brain injury almost exactly a year ago in an accident. Yesterday KTAR-FM (92.3) PD Russ Hill went on mic to discuss the difficult decision to end "Ankarlo Mornings." Russ tells T-R-I that "What's changed is that Darrell's show will no longer be heard on KTAR-FM every day. What hasn't changed is that KTAR and Bonneville are huge fans of Darrell and will continue to stand by him and his family, as he works to be able to return to fulltime work and attack whatever is next in his life." Russ says "Darrell's contribution to KTAR cannot be over-estimated." There will be a one-hour tribute to Ankarlo tomorrow morning at 11.

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