Saturday, April 17, 2010

Radio news = No Social Medium Useage ...

This is embarassing.  It wouldn't take much for any station to put up some local or format news, eh? But where are there community radio news departments other than at stations like KMOX?

Only 1 percent of radio newsrooms have a Facebook page, while 37 percent say neither the station nor the newsroom has a Facebook page.

The study also found that 73 percent of radio newsrooms do nothing on Twitter. "This is all about staff size," Papper said. "If you had a staff of three or more, you were involved in a number of social networking things. If you did not hit that magic number you were not involved."

Almost all radio stations have a Web site that includes news, but a surprising number do not include newscasts or news story audio on their sites. The study found that 60 percent of sites include text, 20 percent include recorded newscasts and podcasts, and just under 10 percent include news video.

Papper: Radio News Does not Make Use of Social Media from Poynter Institute on Vimeo.