Saturday, April 17, 2010

DVD Rentals Take It On The Chin ...

From TVWatch:

Physical rentals and sales way off and Blu-ray technology hasn't helped.  Aren't you glad you spent $1000 on that new Blu-ray player?  That new 3-D TV thingie that's being flacked?  It'll make you dizzy before it makes you happy. I love new technology, but only when it has a chance for survival.

50% of a movie's profits traditionally come from DVD sales and these days the returns are very, very bad.

Maybe Hollywood should take a year or two off to regroup and concentrate on creation of new product and stories instead of "re-imagining" what has gone before.

Maybe the writers and producers should take a closer look at the tastes and preferences of viewers not locked into the Left and Right Coasts.

Think Roku.  I've got 100 or so movies and TV show collections in my queue, and it only costs $10 a month.  I watch as much as I want, when I want.