Sunday, May 27, 2012

DC Chymes loses radio gig and, probably, stripper wife ...

Got this today regarding the former Steve & DC radio team partner:

Hi Mike,

Well Thursday the GM fired Isaiah. His wife was cut loose about a month before. Quite the elaborate story was story be Zac to get his wife back in the building. She was leaving him for a cop in West Virginia (most likely GETTING ARRESTED by a cop in West Virginia). Relentlessly desperate to get her back in the building! I am not sure what the final straw was, but the apartment they were living in they attained under the name of their intern (who happens to be a cousin of the PRESIDENT of the company).... Get evicted & they did more than $8000 worth of damage to the apartment... Of coarse, since it's all done under the name of the intern, the law goes after this poor kid! That may have been the last straw, but I haven't been briefed about it yet. I am just basking in not only RELIEF to be RID of that CLAN, but basking in the "TOLD YOU SO"...UFFDA!

DC (real name Isaiah Wilhelm) had been working in Grand Forks, North Dakota for Leighton Broadcasting at the recommendation of consultant John Lund.

Where will he turn up next?