Saturday, November 5, 2011

Many thanks for the 11,347 responses ...

... to my query below. Not being a Mac guy, I was completely lost and, being a guy, I wouldn't dare read a manual. So now I know. And I at least skimmed through the online manual. Here's hoping I don't have to surrender my Man Card.

It caused me, of course, to spend the last five hours (OCD is my middle name) cleaning my collection of apps, adding a few new ones, including a very cool $1.99 voice recorder that sounds pretty good even sourced through the built-in mic. Checked out a few TV episodes from the 60's and 70's via NetFlix, and downloaded a half-dozen free books. I've been underutilizing this guy for a while in favor of the living room laptop. That won't happen again.

One more piece of news: I discovered the free Yahoo app called IntoNow that listens to what's on your TV, searches its cloud-based database for audio matches and then presents pages of info based on the show you're watching. It was always right in the matches. For now, it's a bit of a novelty but I can see lots of uses developing down the road.

I just want to know who uploaded all that audio for the database!