Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hubbard does something stupid ...

Hubbard Broadcasting, which bought out the Bonneville STL radio properties a while back, is joining the club in RadioRIF's across the country.

Secret Squirrel sez that WIL has let Pat James and Annie Henson go. In case you don't know, Pat had been partnered with Cornbread in the WIL morning show and had worked with him for a long time before their arrival here. I don't know Annie's exact tenure but she has been an identifiable member of the team for some time.

I wish Pat and Annie the best of luck in their respective futures.

Hubbard, not so much. The are now officially part of the problem.

The baseball Cardinals just beat the Texas Rangers to win the World Series, and what a year CBS Radio picked to regain the radio rights. Its news/talk KMOX surges 8.5-7.7-9.3, and next month’s number could be historic. Chris Huff observes that "with that 7.7-9.3 move, KMOX enjoys the largest jump in the October PPMs thus far." Behind #1 KMOX is Clear Channel’s “Oldies 103.3” KLOU (6.7-6.0-5.8) and Hubbard’s country WIL (6.5-5.9-5.7). Tied with WIL for third is Hubbard sister “Arch”, a.k.a., variety hits WARH (6.5-6.5-5.7).

So WIL came in third and fired two-thirds of their morning show. Way to go, Hubbard.

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