Friday, November 18, 2011

Heil the HAM ...

From the audio genius...

Hello, Mike:

Hope this finds you well. Enjoy your work so much, Mike. It keeps us all informed about this wonderful thing we love and live - broadcasting !

Mike, I need to tell you about a 'happening' that I have been a part of since last May. Leo Laporte, the master of how to use the Internet to it's fullest, invited me to join his TWIT (This Week In Technology) network with a program he entitled 'HAM Nation'. All about amateur radio, we spend an hour a week with interesting guest from around the globe involved in or interested in this great hobby of Amateur Radio - the very thing that became the bases for all of my careers... yep all of them, well maybe not a whole lot as Stan Kann's protege organist at the Fox and Ruggeri's. Larry Burrows, K0DGE the chief engineer at KMOX back in the mid 50's took this little kid under his wing and taught me how to design, build and enjoy many amateur radio projects.

I now am sharing some of these 'projects' and happenings each week on our broadcast each Tuesday night of HAM Nation. We do this show over the Internet from my station lab in Belleville. Leo Laporte has mastered the technology better than any. The Twit network has 24 hour programming and over one million hits a week. Using high quality HD cameras and SKYPE we are able to bring our hosts and guests into the Petaluma, Ca. Twit studio where it is mixed, switched and sent onto the Internet. Fascinating to be a part of this incredible network, Mike.

Radio World is doing a feature story on Leo and TWIT this coming week. You might want to watch for it.

Check out some of our broadcasts. All of the replays are available at TWIT.TV/HN and on I-Tunes as audio podcasts. Tuesday night at 8PM Central you can watch us stumble all over ourselves putting things together right before the record button is pushed,

Thanks for all you do. I appreciate your time and talent, Mike.