Thursday, October 27, 2011

Since radio broadcasting is no longer a viable career ...

... what are the educational facilities (trade schools and colleges and universities) who relied on this as a profit center doing about it? I spent a lot of part-time hours over the years teaching students the skills I learned on the road to my career.  Got paid some pretty good bucks for it, too.

A couple of those years I taught in Mike Lemmon's broadcasting courses at Lewis & Clark Community College in Godfrey IL.  Mike ran the absolute best college radio station and educational unit I have ever encountered and with my experience there and Mike's encouragement I became a better teacher.

I only left because I had a heart attack and subsequent surgery and the 45-minute drive became too much.  I left teaching in 1996 or so, and now, with all that has transpired since then in the industry, I have to wonder what an education in Broadcasting really means.

Not much, I bet. You tell me.