Monday, October 24, 2011

Dining tip ...

Most of Mrs. A's and my dining adventures over the past few years have been disappointments.  Last Saturday we broke our streak with a pair of meals that both she and I enjoyed.  We'd been enticed to visit this place, Meglio's, in Bridgeton, on the Rock Road at I-270, when we saw a Food Channel "Restaurant:Impossible" show, wherein Robert Irwin consulted and helped rebuild the appearance and menu of the old place.

It's a tough location for a restaurant, even a Steak & Shake failed there, but Meglio's seem to be doing okay.  Give 'em a try, if you have the chance. I'm told that their Luigi's Pizza is great, by the way.

Don't know if they're up for cash-in-front advertising, but a gently managed trade deal might help them out.