Saturday, October 15, 2011

Congrats to former STL DJ DC Chymes ...

...for landing a great management and air talent gig (OM and Morning Master) at Leighton Broadcasting's Z94.7 in Grand Forks, North Dakota

DC's calling himself Zac Daniel there, but, hey, changing names and identities is what some radio people are all about!

According to an entry on the RedandNater MB, Zac's appointment to Leighton's stations in Grand Forks is due to Zac's close friendship with the well-known radio consultant John Lund, who was also the consultant for the Zimmer Brothers in STL, who employed DC and his former partner.

"If it is DC from Steve and DC, he's very talented and experienced and a friend of John Lund, their consultant."

Oops!  I also worked with Lund.  And with the Zimmers.  Maybe I'll make a call to Lund's office in San Francisco and see what's what ...

The photo is from the station's Facebook page.  Looks like Isaiah DC Zac is prospering!

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