Saturday, September 3, 2011

More KTRS issues ...

Got this in the email last night:


I'm hoping you as radio guy could help a non radio guy out with a KTRS question. I would love to listen to Frank's show on each day, but it never seems to get uploaded with any sort of regularity.

Frank recommended I contact Lauren Ryan. She has been of little to no help. Craig Hogard assured me they will do everything they can to make sure it is uploaded, but problems persist. From your site, I think Tim Dorsey is leaving (or has left) and that his brother is taking over? From your site, I also ascertain that management at KTRS is not a strong point of the organization, so I realize I may be wasting my time.

That said, do you know who I could contact at KTRS to see that the audio from Frank's show is uploaded to each day?

Thanks and enjoy your site.

Mike says: My suggestion to the writer was to take a look at TotalRecorder and use it to schedule the LMSITA to be recorded onto an available HD in a low-res format and then listen back as you can.  I've used TotalRecorder for years, with much success.  I'm going to see if this is available for iPad use.

But how difficult is it really to take the CD's of a radio show and upload them for play to the station's website?  Why is KTRS having so much difficulty performing a simple technical task?

Oh, wait...