Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How To Alienate Your Customers In 5 Easy Steps...

1. Raise your prices by 60%.

2. Fail to keep your best content.

3. Issue a weak apology, and spin the dying part of your business into a ridiculous new brand.

4. Fail to reserve said ridiculous brand name on a hugely popular social media site.

5. Fail to span your billing and amazing recommendation engine across both brands.

Anyone care to guess how long Netflix CEO Reed Hastings will keep his job? He's taken a groundbreaking and extremely successful company and trashed it in the course of a few months. It isn't often you see a company go from hero to zero so fast, in so few steps. Are you paying attention, Amazon, Blockbuster, and Wal-Mart? Are you going to get in this fight, Apple? Now is your time to take the lead.