Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cindy Preszler's pay cut ...

From Jerry Berger:

Money doesn’t make television stars happy. Is one of them with $2 million a-year happier than one with $1 million a year?  Morale is at an all time low at KSDK, Channel 5.  “There;s lots of animosity throughout the entire organization,” the trusted source told the columnist a few minutes ago. “Things are so bad that many employees have been put on furlough, positions cut, and hiring new people for very low wages. Weather forecaster Cindy Preszler was forced to take a pay cut. So, when offered a three-year contract, she turned it down and signed one for only two.” Much tension and turmoil at the station is over the new 4 p.m. show. Station bosslady Lynn Beal and news director Mike Shipley are the cause of all the tension, according to an insider, who explained, “They are so desperate to make a success of the show and their new lineup. Look for some personalities at KSDK to leave the station as quickly as possible.” Some of the newbies are so dull, the station should have a yawn track.At another station, the news director complained his computer crashed and he had to think all day.

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