Sunday, August 28, 2011

NJ Hurricane landing first since 1903 ...

... and not just anywhere, but on the  Long Branch boardwalk, where I made my first movie while a student at the Ft. Monmouth Signal School.

The Golden Year was 1968.

How cool to watch Fox' John Huddy battered by the wind just a few blocks away from the Long Branch Pier/Pavillion.  The school dropped my class off with a 16mm mopic camera and a tripod and told us to make a movie (silent) and catch the ride back home at 5PM.

We decided to make a film with a half-dozen GI's in fatigue dress playing basketball on the boardwalk with no ball.  Inspired! Took about a half-hour and then we had lunch and grooved on the beach until 5PM.  It was the 1960's, after all.