Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In my life ...

... I've lost friends to early and unnecessary deaths:  illness, accidents and military service. But never to anything like this.

Mrs. A lost her cousin years ago at the hands of a murdering scumbag who killed him for a few bucks on Church Hill, in Richmond VA while he was delivering Anheuser-Busch products.  The killer was sent to Richmond's Sprng Street Prison, released after three years and was himself murdered a few years later.  That's what I call social justice.

Now I find that my son, Jason, has lost a friend of his, the son of a STL City police officer, to a murdering thug who used the killing as his initiation into a gang. You can bet that STL Police will dig into this and will find this POS.  They might even find him alive so they can arrest him.  Or maybe this creep will suffer an accident that will not allow a trial, helped along by a couple dozen 9mm or .40 caliber bullets. 

How can this punk not understand that every single STL LEO and detective is hunting for him? Resisting arrest is SO futile.

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