Thursday, August 4, 2011

And after all that ...

Got home mid Wednesday PM, after the Fox lunch at Gingham's, a trip to Sams' Club in St. Charles for household supplies and a run thru Schnucks' in Maryland Heights for dinner and pulled into the driveway to unload it all into the house.  I was completely wiped out from the heat.

In the middle of unloading, I see a young guy walking the neighborhood, door to door, carrying a shoulder bag. When I saw him, he was across the street, knocking on the door.  The young family who lives there is never at home through the day.  I watched him knock on the door and ring the bell to no answer, then he turned, saw me in my driveway and walked toward me.

I raised my right hand, palm open, fingers spread and said, "No thanks."

The kid kept smiling and kept on walking toward me.  That was his first mistake.  His right hand was inside his shoulder bag, and that was his second mistake. I really felt uncomfortable at this point.

I raised my left hand, then, palm open, fingers closed and loudly said "No! Go away!"

The kid stopped about ten feet in front of me, still smiling and talking to me. I have no idea what he said, but I'll be damned if I'll let some smiling idiot with his hand inside what could be a holster stand that close to me and babble, trying to distract me, not in a deserted neighborhood.  Everyone who lives around me works during the day.

Using my left hand as a stop sign again, I told him to go away and then moved my right hand to my beltline under my t-shirt.  I think he quickly understood that I was armed.  He walked up the street and disappeared, maybe into a car, but by then I had unloaded my trunk and was dealing with Tasha, who needed to go out.

Please be careful.  You have no idea what or who is on the hunt nearby.

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