Saturday, July 30, 2011

So why don't contiguous cities in a region ...

... offer an iPad app that would present current conditions, like weather, traffic and roadwork updates?  Cities that are attached at the hip like, say, here in STL County, Bridgeton, Maryland Heights and Creve Coeur could join together to present a nanoregional infonet.

I think I just invented the word "nanoregional", by the way.

And they could offer, in the event of an emergency, critical situation updates, like live NOAA Weather Radar and even streamed audio from local radio and video from local TV.

Traffic cams are in place and could be used as source material, there are plenty of traffic sensors on the roadways feeding info to established traffic reporting agencies and, of course, there's always GoogleEarth, even though it might be a bit behind the current timeline.

Yes, of course, in the event of a catastrophic power failure, ISP's would go down and access would be lost but short of an EMP, 3G and 4G nets would remain in place and in operation.  Which is why 3/4G net providers might want to poop a few gazillions of their profits into the development of the NanoRegional News Network.