Friday, July 22, 2011

So where do you send news tips?

Probably nowhere, considering the non-staffing of the news departments.

After listening MJ’s Morning Show on z107.7 this morning ( my XM subscription lapsed…) I was compelled to share story from a repo truck driver from St. Louis who had called in to say that he thought that Casey Anthony was in St. Louis.

He was pretty convincing a based on the time of day of the event and how the cops told him to leave the neighborhood. So for grins, I went to several St. Louis TV web sites to file a news tip. You know, like the old days…good stories often start with an unlikely tip. Unless I blindly missed it…none of the big 3 stl tv sites had front page (above or below the fold) button for news tips. At best it was buried in the “contact” link.

Odd that in today’s connected world, News Gatherers in the form of local TV stations haven’t made it easier for citizen contributions.