Monday, July 25, 2011

I guess we should be glad ...

... that Cumulus owns no properties in STL. Sounds bad there. Info like this might be useful once CBS or Clear Channel bails on the market.

Here's a taste from Jerry Del Colliano (paid subscription required to see the entire article):

This article is about strong options for Citadel workers who may lose their jobs, see their salary cut or suffer hostile workplace and/or sexual or age-related discrimination with the anticipated September closing of the Cumulus-Citadel merger.

1. Read strategies for suing the company used successfully by others.

2. Best way to handle it if Cumulus tries to force you to sign a non-compete to get your severance pay.

3. The down low on e-mail correspondence – be careful.

4. What to do if Cumulus tries to cut or reduce sales commissions owed to you.

5. Contact information for two outstanding attorneys with cases in progress against Cumulus that I think are worth a call.

6. And a few free ideas to fight back on your own if you ever need them.